Artists icons show up as grey

A problem by a friend, his setup is a brand new Nucleus (not +) and iPad with Roon Remote: Selecting My Library / Artists, then one page with artists is displayed, but the rest of the artist images are only gray, and by selecting one of these icons hangs it all. Goes back to start page, he can select an album and play. Sometimes also this also hang when selecting artist. He has Altibox fiber network with measured speed of over 300 Mbps from his iPad. The number of artists / albums a less than hundred since he is a beginner.
Does anyone have a tip to solve this problem? A couple of searches on the Roon forum without a reasonable result so far. The Nucleus box and iPad Roon have the latest version. Running only Tidal.

If this is a brand new install, is the initial analysis of the library complete? (spinning circle in the upper right corner of the window next to the bookmark flag)

I would think that with only 100 albums it should be done pretty quickly.

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