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Is there a way to get Roon to automatically find artists per-track in a compilation?
Now that I’m buying charity compilations nearly every Bandcamp Friday, it’s time-consuming tagging and renaming a bunch of tracks one at a time. Since most of the artists aren’t already in my library, I have to add a song from the artist, edit credits, add the artist as Primary Artist, then rename the track to remove the artist’s name, then delete the extra track I had to add first. It seems like there has be a better way that I’m missing.

Unfortunately no. If the metadata service that Roon uses does not provide the credit info per track, you can only add it manually.

You did well to realize that you first need to have an album in the library where this artist is properly credited. Else Roon does not find the artist during editing and if you manually create one it does not get linked to the proper artist in Roon. It’s a workaround that everyone seems to arrive at and it’s a hell of a pain in the ass.


Unless I am missing something, this seems better accomplished thru ID3 tag editing outside of Roon, no?

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Partially, that’s true, I forgot about that. The assigning of artists to tracks, naming of tracks, etc., is indeed done better in the ID3 tags if it’s local files. (Doesn’t help with the same tasks for streaming albums, though)

However, ID3 tags don’t help with the association with proper artists in Roon:

  • If an album with the proper artist credit is not yet in the Roon library, ID3 tags will have the same result: Roon will create a new artist entry that is just a stub without any info and not linked to the proper artist.
  • And if more than one artist with the same name are already in the library, Roon might arbitrarily choose one of them by that name, and then you have to edit it in Roon anyway to assign the right one.

Pain. in. the. ass. :slight_smile:

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