Artists missing under Artists Menu

I wanted to merge some artists and found something very strange, there are many artists missing under the Artists menu, that are there when I do a search. This when I search only my local library.

Here an example, Colette Boky - she is there in search and even has info and a picture, but when I go through the artist Menu, she is not there.

Hi @Squeezemenicely,

For Colette Boky, the example you’ve shared here, do you have any of her main albums in your library or is she just credited on another album from another artist?

She only has appearances, look here

Ah, I see I added her as Primary Artist on 1 Album and now she shows up under artists.

Hi @Squeezemenicely,

Thanks for confirming that. If an artist only has appearances on other albums and you don’t have any of their albums in your library they do not show in the Artists browser.

@dylan This might make sense in popular music, but in classical or even more so in opera, you have many artists on one album. Could well be that someone is on very many recordings without having a main album.
Are these artists not also important enough?

The problem I have, is that in my files I often have the surname and then there is also the full name available. In 1.5 I could easily merge the artists. But since 1.6 this is not possible via search function. Then I thought I could merge them under the artists menu, but the „lesser“ artists are not in there.
This whole merging thing was something I really loved about Roon and I hope the bug ( in search) will be fixed soon. BTW wasn’t merging labels easier also?
I have about 50 different versions of Decca and would like to merge them into 1 Decca.

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