Artists names not linked

This thread is to post Albums or Tracks where the Artist has a Roon entry, but the Album and bio don’t have active links. Hopefully this might be of assistance to @Joel in tracking them down:

Martin Taylor not linked on this Album artist or in the bio, but there are active links as Composer and Performer, using Tidal version:

Need to remove ‘The’ from Arcade Fire. All the other albums I have do not have ‘The’ in the name, and neither do the file tags.

Lisa Gerrard can be linked and have a bio displayed from the credits tab.

This is an interesting case where the band have albums that use ‘The’ in the name, but it seems to have dropped later on in their career. I suggest both are retained and linked.

Hi @joel , If you can confirm this is the sort of thing you are looking for then I have plenty more examples from my collection. I have saved the screenshots in a PDF file.

Hi Nick,

Please can you attach the PDF to a post in this thread? I’ll open some tickets for these, but I first want to identify the distinct issues.


@joel Here you go - I can’t upload a pdf (I’m told image formats only allowed), so here’s a dropbox link instead:

Roon artist anomalies - dropbox link


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Hi @joel, just wondering if there was any update on these issues?

There are many, many instances where this is the case.

Surely a database of artists/ performers could be auto-trawled and matched against biographies and album reviews with hyperlinks automatically added where absent? In instances where ambiguities exist they can be presented to the user for confirmation or rejection.