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I ripped all of my CDs using XLD on my Mac with all the music being stored in my iTunes library. When I launch iTunes I see 4 albums listed under “Allman Brothers Band, The”

I installed Roon core on this same Mac, pointed it towards the folder containing all the music. In Roon I see three albums listed under “The Allman Brothers Band” and one album under “Allman Brothers Band, The”. Why did Roon split these? How can I get them all listed under “Allman Brothers Band, The”?

I glanced through the list of artists in Roon and it appears this phenomenon has affected several other artists.

“The Allman Brothers Band” is a favorite of mine. There are many versions of the name of this famous band out there:

The Allman Brothers Band
Allman Brothers band, The
Allman Brothers Band
Allman Brothers

For historical reasons, equivalent names like this are a worse problem in Classical music where there might be 100’s of equivalents for a 125 year old central European orchestra. Roon’s instincts are to link these equivalent artists automatically in background with no user intervention. My experience, as you are finding, is these auto-links are a bit hit and miss.

Personally, I spend a lot of time standardizing artist names in my library. I have 20 or so Allman Brothers Albums and appearances on various Compilations. From trial and error I changed everything to “The Allman Brothers Band”, as that is the version roon is expecting and means that all Allman Brothers albums and appearances will be linked.

At the Ripping Stage in DB Poweramp, I correct artist names like this. You can change the artist name in Roon.

How do I go about changing the artist name in Roon, I am new to the product. I am thinking about making all of them Allman Brothers Band and drop the The in the front so in alphabetical order they are where I expect them. I am assuming if I leave the The in front in alpha order they will be listed under the T’s

I figured out how to edit the artists name in Roon. I now show two artists in Artist view, both have the same name of “Allman Brothers Band, The”

Why is Roon still showing two artists? If they have the exact same name shouldn’t this collapse into one artist?

If the two artists persist, you can merge them. Simply long click on one, then the other, and select Merge Artists in the top right corner. This can be undone if need be.

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Hi @David_Henderson,

As suggested by John above, you can merge the artists in Roon. We have some documentation about this in our Knowledge Base.