Artists with pseudonyms

I have tons of composers and interprets, which are unknown to Roon. As I do not know, where the information is coming from for the “roon”-artists, I am entering the data manually into my roon-database.
I am struggeling with artists which have several names (pseudonyms). Where can I enter such sort of information?
By the way: the best source for artists I know is I suggest, you are taking the information and the artist portraits from there.

Hi @Cosmic_Encounter,

We don’t use Discogs, but we do use as one of our metadata suppliers. You can enter information there, including alternative names, and Roon will be able to use that data. Please note that it isn’t necessarily 1 to 1, and that it is not an instant update in Roon, but this could definitely help if you were interested in adding artist information there!

Hi @dylan thx for the information. I will certenly give it a try.
The first discrepancy I have already found:
Comedian Harmonists had 6 members:
Erwin Bootz (Piano)
b. 30/06/1907 in Stettin, Poland
d. 27/12/1982 in Hamburg, Germany

Ari Leschnikoff (1. Tenor Vocals)
b. 16/06/1897 in Chaskowo, Bulgaria
d. 31/07/1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Erich A. Collin (2. Tenor Vocals)
b. 26/08/1899 in Berlin, Germany
d. 28/04/1961 in Los Angeles, USA

Harry Frommermann (3. Tenor Vocals)
b. 12/10/1906 in Berlin, Germany
d. 29/10/1975 in Bremen, Germany

Roman Cycowski (Baritone Vocals)
b. 25/01/1901 in Łódź, Poland
d. 09/11/1998 in Palm Springs, USA

Robert Biberti (Bass Vocals)
b. 05/06/1902 in Berlin, Germany
d. 02/11/1985 in Berlin, Germany

Roon is showing only Erwin Bootz and Harry Frommermann. As musicbrainz already shows the 6 members, what can I do?

I have found another issue with pseudonyms:
Max Kuttner aka Carlos Cantieni and
Carlos Cantieni aka Max Kuttner

It is the same person. Roon knows the pseudonym but handles it not as the same person. If you are searching for Cantieni, you will find other results than for Kuttner. And if you click on the artist’s name, you see this are 2 different data sets:
Cantieni has no other infromation while Kuttner has birthdate etc.

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