Artwork all showing as Boy George for new user

I have started with 5000 tracks with track artwork (no albums yet). Roon as successfully located all tracks which are filenamed artist/track on my internal drive. Roon insists on showing Boy George artwork for 95% of the tracks.This Boy George album cover is not in this folder (that I can see) Help!!!

Sounds like a nightmare!

lol just kidding. I’m willing to bet that album cover is in that folder somewhere. I had this same thing happen once and found the culprit file named cover.jpg instead of folder.jpg which is what I usually use. If that’s not it I suppose it could be a hidden file causing this.

Hi Mac, Thanks for the advice I will now try your suggestions. cheers!!

Hi @Mark_Bollinger,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon along with a screenshot of how your files are organized in their storage location via Finder/File Explorer?