Artwork Disappeared! [Answered]

So here is another “Artwork Disappeared” thread but similar threads I searched for were from 2015 and were Soolos or Tidal related. Mine is not. I don’t use Tidal and my media is on local drives.

I just installed Roon about 10 days ago after sitting on the fence for a while. Installation was smooth and I was up and running in about 15 minutes flat. I had a flawless experience for about a week until just a couple of days ago when (almost) all my artwork disappeared when accessing it from my Control PC Roon Remote. I have Android and iPhone remotes but did not check if they worked when the problem started.

Here is what my Roon installation looks like:

Core i5 machine running W10 with 32GB RAM and 128GB SSD
Media is located on a networked drive
Installed Roon Core + Server

Roon Remote installed on a separate Windows machine

The backup file was installed inside the following path on my AudioPC
C: > Users > … > AppData > Local > RoonServer > Roon Backups

I managed to solve the problem by copying the backup folder to a higher level folder at “C: > Roon Backup” and restoring the database from there. I realize that this is like a complete reinstall as I had reconfigure everything from scratch. Roon is now re-importing my complete music library. But the good thing is that album artwork is back.

Can someone @support explain what happened to my album artwork in the first place? Restoring the database can’t be the way to solve this problem going forward. I am still in my 2 week trial period. This is a deal breaker for me if this happens again.

I have my logs zip file available on my dropbox for analysis.


Hi, @Nikhil_Nayak, thanks for your report! The reason why all your artwork disappeared is that the Backup folder was placed in the Roon Server directory. It was the cause of weird behaviour you came across. For DB and Backups are both complex structures, so we recommend not to recreate such situation again to avoid any further problems with your Database. Hope that you’ll have a pleasant user experience with Roon! Let us know if the problem appears again.




Thanks @Ivan … I think my backup folder was created there while I breezed thru the installation. Might be something others might also face so hopefully this is of some use.