Artwork display in 1.8 Build 795 on Windows Remote

Core Machine

ROCK running latest RockOS and 1.8 Build 795

Network Details

All wired

Audio Devices

Naim NDS through SonoreUPnP Bridge, plus various Chrome devices

Library Size

95k tracks

Description of Issue

On 1.8 Build 795, new Artwork is not being displayed correctly on a Windows device
OS is Windows 7, and GPU in Intel HD

So new albums added this morning

Also when trying to view the Album Artwork

Just added 3 additional Albums to Roon today, and the image cache on Roon 1.8 B795 on Windows is definiately doing something strange - wrong images being used, blank black boxes.

Could you look at this, as it was working fine in the previous Build release.

This issue doesn’t seem to be related to TLS 1.2 security access issues, as that update has been undertaken.

So @support what’s the issue with image cache on Roon Remote on Win7 using Intel HD graphics display?
The display of images pulled from local cache are all over the place, wrong images or just black boxes - nothing consistent and just a mess.

This wasn’t happening prior to Build 795, so can you look again at the Album/Artist image handling in this Build and see what changed in the release that is affecting this platform type.

For instance this is certainly not the correct image for Alison Moyet, “Live for Burberry” EP

Click ‘Identify Album’ and I get 3 suggestions with 3 black boxes

I’m not seeing this problem on my Win 7 remote machine. It has AMD CPU & graphics chipset, so your Intel graphics might well be the problem…

Hi @simon_pepper, if this is the same Windows remote you’ve had graphics trouble with in the past (here and here), then I’m afraid there’s not much we can do.

Your HP Elitebook 2540p has an 11-year-old graphics processor that does not support OpenGL 3.0, which Roon requires. To be honest, I’m a little baffled by the fact that you can run Roon at all!

At this point, it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions about buying a replacement, I’d be happy to help!

Yes, it is - and it does and was working fine with Build 783 - 790. It was only with this latest 795 that this issue manifested itself.

My main work machine is a Win10 machine, which is in use all day (and nearly every day), but the Win7 is an older one, just as a personal machine, and does all my Music management, downloading, tagging etc., so I don’t see the need to upgrade this.

If you do depreacate Win7, I presume you will move to only supporting one version of MacOS?

One of the great advantages of Roon, is that it runs on virtually any platform.

Virtually any platform, yes. But not virtually any machine. The problem you’re facing has nothing to do with Windows 7, it’s a hardware problem. Your machine needs to meet the minimum hardware requirements for us to guarantee support.

Ok, so this problem wasn’t there with 1.8 Build 790 and 1.8 Build 783
Nor 1.8 Build 764, 763 & 756

So the graphics hardware can support it.

What I am reporting is an issue with the image cache support in Build 795, something in this Build is different from the previous 790 and 783, 764, 763, 756 Builds.

On some occasions the image displayed for an Album or Artist is incorrect, and then Roon corrects itself - i.e. the initial artwork grab is incorrect or the cache is not indexing itself correctly, as other image files are being added.

I can understand why it’s frustrating for your remote to break after it had been working fine for this long. There’s a myriad of reasons why unsupported hardware might not work with Roon, though. And even if I could say with certainty why build 795 isn’t working for you, we’re not going to pursue fixes for hardware that doesn’t support OpenGL 3.0.

This was bound to happen eventually, and I think you’ll find massive improvements moving to a machine that meets our minimum requirements. You got a lot of life out of this one!

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