Artwork misbehavior in Playlists and Tag are very strange

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I have a folder of 500 assorted songs (in WAV) from different movies/albums.
Each WAV files are in different Artwork.
But inside playlist all 500 assorted songs showing the one same artwork… (randomly picks one artwork from any WAV file)
example : Listening Michael Jackson song with Lionel Richie artwork) :slight_smile:
Same problem happens with Tag : I have added 500 songs in a folder and added new tag “ROONALBUMTAG” with the value : TOP500
When looking in the Tag console i could see all 500 songs are in same one artwork.

it is randomly choosing the artwork.

Please help me to fix the problem.

Generally, it picks one artwork per album. There isn’t really a concept of different artwork per track, and not even a concept of individual tracks - every track is a part of an album, EP, or single, and the album, EP, or single has cover art.

I don’t know how to solve what you want within Roon

I pick one song from 500 albums. so 500 songs. Each have their own artwork because they are from different albums.

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This is from Windows explorer of Top500 songs folder.

This is from the Playlist

Hope this is clear for you

Also you see the Album name… each tracks have their own movie name… But in Roon it is showing as “96”
96 is a album name from one wav file

Could you please check my updated information.

Sorry, I am just a user trying to help, and like I said I have no idea how to do what you seem to be trying to achieve, if I understand it correctly.

The best I can say is already in my previous post. If this does not help, I’m afraid you will have to wait for official support (which can take a few days), or maybe there are other users with better ideas than mine

Oh sorry, I thought you’re from Roon support team. Ok I will wait for the support team to respond.

I wish I could help, but this time I’m really out of my wits :frowning: