Artwork missing again, Nucleus and Qobuz

Artwork missing again. Problem seems to be on iPad (remote) especially. Clearing artwork cache and rebooting and/or powering off bring no improvement.
Problem occurs with albums on Qobuz mostly, but starting today, recently added albums on my Nucleus’ internal SSD have the same problem.

The spinning wheel never seems to end.

iPad images have a black background. IPhone remote (white background) does not have the same problem.

Did you reboot the Nucleus or the iPad. If you haven’t try rebooting the Nucleus.

I have rebooted both and it helps only for a short period of time.

Hello @Robert_van_Riel, and thanks for your report! Can you describe your network setup for me? Particularly how your nucleus is connected to your router?

My Nucleus is connected with an ethernet cable to an Ubiquity Unify AP-AC-Lite, which in turn connects wirelessly to an Ubiquity Unify
AP-AC that connects to an Ubiquity network switch that connects to a Fritzbox router.

I suggest try connecting the Nucleus directly to the router to test.

Hello @Robert_van_Riel, rugby makes a great suggestion here. Please connect your Nucleus directly to the router as a test, and try clearing your image cache under Settings>Setup. Let me know if that helps!

@Rugby ‘s suggestion works, although temporarily. Thanks for the suggestion!

Temporarily: after loading missing artwork, 15 minutes later, most of the Qobuz artwork was gone again.

One question remains: I had no issues with artwork (Qobuz/streaming in particular) before Roon’s last update. I cannot easily change this network setup and I am not convinced that is has become a problem, all of a sudden.
Seen the many artwork-related posts, I still think there is some work to be done at Roon’s end.

Yesterday’s update seems to fix the problem.

And logging out of Qobuz on devices and logging back in seems to fix it entirely.

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