Artwork missing in Roon Display for certain albums

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core 2.0 on Mac mini Late 2014 Intel i5 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Most likely irrelevant for this bug, but here it is anyway:
Eero 6+. Core wired to main unit
iPad on WiFi uses Safari browser as a Roon Display.

Connected Audio Devices

Not, relevant. This bug is not related to audio playback or endpoints.

Number of Tracks in Library

Not relevant, but approximately 5,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

Roon Display doesn’t show the album art for certain albums. It only shows a blurred background of the artwork.

I think the Roon Display is a marvelous feature, but this bug makes it very frustrating. I cannot reliably predict which albums work and which ones don’t. It certainly happens with albums with lyrics, but I guess that’s by design because Roon wants to display lyrics on a blurry background. I solved that problem by disabling lyrics for the Roon Display.

But it’s also happening with albums without lyrics such as classical symphonies! Imagine ordering a vinyl online and it shows up at your door with blurry art on the cover!

Reloading the browser page doesn’t fix the problem. Please fix!

I think I see a pattern here. Roon wants to display artist photos in the main area. If there’s no such images available, it just leaves this large space blank. Instead, it should display the album art (if available) in this area.

Hi @hacker19,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had issues with artwork displaying on your device. The tech support has a few additional questions to help illuminate why artwork is behaving this way for certain tracks:

  1. Are the affected tracks local files or streaming (Tidal/Qobuz)?
  2. Do you experience this issue on all displays and remotes?
  3. Have you added any image tags, custom artwork, etc. to any of the affected files?
  4. Do you have any additional software that might interfere with the display on your iPad, like third-party dimming apps?

We’ll keep a look out for your response. Thank you!

Hi @Connor ,

1.I haven’t seen this issue with Qobuz yet. It only occurs with certain local files of non-mainstream artists. I think the problem occurs because Roon is unable to find a photo of these artists.
2. Yes it happens on all displays. It is not an issue with Roon Remote, because the Artist icon isn’t even an option in such cases:
3. I have not added any custom metadata or artwork to these files. They were simply ripped from a CD.
4. No I don’t have any third party dimming apps.

I suspect this is a rather simple bug. I think Roon is trying to display the artist photo over a blurred album art background. If no artist picture is available, maybe it should display the (unburied) album art instead.