Asked to update core --> Roon can't connect to core, but ARC works fine (!)

Roon Core Machine

NUC i7 ROON OS according to spec. from ROON a year ago or so

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Linn hifi gear, also listening from phones, ipads etc

Number of Tracks in Library

30 000 approx.

Description of Issue

As I stated in the topic header: This morning I was asked update ROON core. But after that Roon can’t connect to core. ARC works fine. In the web interface to the NUC/ROON everything seems to be updated and in order. Have restarted NUC, iPad severalt times. No success. Any idea what is happening?

Please see this thread linked below. There are links in it to the help file you need to get all your remotes on early access. The details are specific to each platform (iOS, android, win, Mac, etc) and you’ll need to file each of them. Decide if you want to be in early Access, and then either Core + all devices in EA or core + all devices in production. You can’t have a mix. I know it’s a chaotic thread but if you read it, all the answers are in there. Good luck, feel free to ask questions.

Also, this should probably be in #support

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Thanks Johnny_Ooooops! :slightly_smiling_face: Will have a look in the thread!

This worked out fine, so thanks again Johnny!

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No worries! We were all panicked that our set up broken!

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