Asking For Reviews of Roon Remote On New iPad

I am a relatively new user of the Roon software, and I love what it does for my files! I currently have an older iPad that is not supported by Roon as a remote.

This is a feature I would very much like to access, but I will have to purchase a new 2017 model to make this happen.

I am asking this community for opinions on the validity/stability/usability of this software. If it works as advertised, I will plunk down the plastic for the new iPad. If it is questionable, I will pass.

My older iPad works fine for what I want it to do, except as a remote for Roon. Please help me make a good purchase/nonpurchase decision.



You don’t need a 2017 to use Roon. I use an iPad Pro and it’s perfect. With new models coming there will be pre owned units available I would think. The iPad air2 is also recommended I believe.


Hey Mike, the iPad works great as a Roon Remote. I would recommend you buy direct from Apple or another retailer with a generous return policy, in case you’re not happy within the first couple of days. I think you’ll be very happy though!

Even better, if you have a friend or family member with a newer iPad, see if they could bring it over to your place, just for a quick try. It takes minutes to install the app and get it running as a Roon Remote. It’s virtually the same look and feel as the desktop.


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The Air 2 is still more than snappy as a remote. Calling the Roon iOS app a remote though is a bit of a misnomer in my opinion—it’s the whole enchilada. As a Linux user the app is my sole means of interacting with Roon and I’m more than happy with the experience. Occasionally there are maybe some deep library related tasks that are a bit finnickly, that’s about it. And if I’m not mistaken, I believe there is an overhaul of the iOS app underway? So it can only get better.

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My sincere thanks for everyone’s input. I will go shopping!

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Hi Mike,

I too had an older iPad that would not run Roon remote, I upgraded to the 12.9" iPad Pro and I absolutely love it. Roon runs superbly on it.

Incidentally I had to use the old iPad for browsing and it feels ridiculously small now.

Go big, you won’t regret it.


Once you go 12.9", you can never go back!


Air 1 or 2 and Pro 1 work fine. Iphone 5s and later as well.


I wholeheartedly agree with the posters above that there is no need to go with a new 2017 model of iPad. Also no need to go with the large model I personally think the smaller one is quite interactive enough. You can find plenty of people who are trading up and will sell a gently used one to you at a good price.

Unless you are buying one from someone you know however meet them at the Apple Store or the carrier’s store to have the IMEI number checked on transfer so you don’t buy one that’s stolen!

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I’m still using a Mini2 and the Roon app runs great on it. I’m getting a new iPad next month and the Min2 will continue to be my dedicated Roon remote.

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Using a Mini 3 which I purchased used. Very happy as a Roon Remote.

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Thanks guys for your input.

I am looking at a Mini 2 to use as a dedicated remote for Roon and for my Harmony Elite. I think it will work nicely!

Appreciate your help!

I too have an older iPad Mini that won’t run Roon remote. I bought an Amazon Fire HD8 doe $89.99 and it works great.


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The possibility of getting this remote on a less than $100 device is interesting. How easy is it to access the app?

What hoops do I have to jump through to make this happen!

Thanks in advance!

Just got a new 10.5 Pro model and really like it!

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One more ? Ron!

If I install the Roon remote software on a Fire HD (I have found instructions online) will there be a compatibility problem with my Core running on my Mac Mini?


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No, the Remote is agnostic to where the core is running.

Thanks — a device that works for less than $100? I am an Apple stockholder, but the Fire HD is a no brainer!

I have Roon Core running on an iMac with Roon Bridge running on Vortexbox media server. Controller on Fire HD8. No issues. Works great!

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