Asking For Reviews of Roon Remote On New iPad

Any chance a future feature to play music using ROON remote with these new iPad Pros. They do have 4 great sounding speakers., see

Here’s my review on Roon:


Hi Mike do you have a link to how to get it running on a new fire hd 8 please?

Go to the Roon Download page:

and click on the Roon Remote Android (apk) link and it will install.


So, Ron, I ultimately bought an iPad mini instead of the Fire HD8. I checked them both out, but my familiarity with the Apple ecosystem reeled me in, and I spent the extra money.

I do see that the apk files are available on the Roon site. I assume that works on the Fire HD.

In any case, the Roon Remote works exactly as advertised. I am having a great time with my library, the Tidal library, and the convenience of on-the-couch control.

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Good decision!

And remember, the iPad Mini can be used with (many) other things, not just Roon :grin:

aha thank you - I see I made the wrong assumption.

I thought that there would be some form of sideloading / hacking involved

Hi @Mike_Rife,

For Father’s Day, I actually purchased a refurbished iPad Mini 2 as a controller unit to replace the iPhone 7 which I had been using (I still use it now and again in that capacity), which didn’t cost all that much and works very well with ROON. it cost me somewhere around $230 or so. It’s well worth it!



Yes! Thanks! I got an IPad Mini 4 and it works great!

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Just to be sure, I bought an iPad Air, 22 model with 256 memory, new as a present for myself. Works like a charm.

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iPad Pro 12.9 here as well, it’s perfect though not cheap (but does many things for me). There are many threads about remotes, here’s one of the more recent ones with many good suggestions

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Did you just wake up from a 5-year nap and head straight to an Apple Store? This is Rip Van Winkle in the modern age?


I love the reporting back!

I hadn’t even noticed the 5 year gap :rofl:


So, the community popped up my older iPad mini recommendation, so I decided to also report on my new toy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Five years? Nothin’! Next month I’m 76!


I’m glad you like it. iPads are great Roon controllers.

I do wish, though, that you’d said “Wait…what year is this? It’s not still 2017?” :grinning:

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You #&%@‘s are hard on an old man. :sunglasses: