Astell & Kern - KANN Ultra - Roon Ready + Roon ARC

Interesting new DAP from Astell & Kern that will be Roon Ready + Roon ARC:

Until know Astell & Kern track record related to Roon Ready and ARC has not been the best.

Maybe there is hope.


Still wont be bit perfect on ARC as its not in the app to do so.

Just ordered one. I will let you know how it behaves after I installed Roon and Arc :wink:

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Received my Kann Ultra today. Wow, what a device. Think for me its endgame stuff :wink:. Installed the Arc APK file and it works like a charm! Same as on my phone. Only better sounding. Also tried to install the Roon APK but that doesn’t seem to work. Don’t know if that should though… 24/3, No, only Arc is supposed to work on the Ultra, so everything is fine. The bugs are the same in APK file as on Android: sorting of albums doesn’t work here either. So that’s consistent :sweat_smile:


After some time playing around with the Kann Ultra wondering what Roon ready meant while only Roon Arc can be installed, I found out it is also an endpoint for Roon. Ha, learning every day :sweat_smile:. And it is actually very cool to operate your Ultra with a remote…