Astell & Kern - upgrade worth it from SR25 to Kann Alpha (or other A&Ks)?

I’m a relatively happy SR25 owner. Love the form, love the detail, wish there were a greater bass presence. Will I get that from the Kann Alpha? I’ve read reviews that suggest that, but looking to actual users for your guidance. And if there’s another A&K that’d better suit me, let me know (though I’m not really looking for the super-expensive models if I can help it).


I’ve been a SR 25 user now for awhile and am happy with the bass. What headphones or IEMs do you use?

I use Focal Celestees, generally.

I’ve occasionally used the SR25 with open-back Clears, but I mostly use it for traveling with a pair of JH Audio JH16v2 Pro universal IEMs. They deliver amazing bass (of course our requirements may differ depending on preference and the type of music we listen to…).

The SR25 allows the user to adjust the bass through the EQ settings, as you probably know.

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I’ve played with EQ but can’t seem to get the punch/slam I want. It’s a gorgeous sound on the SR25, but would like it married to a stronger bass presence.

I have just bought one of these and eagerly awaiting it’s arrival.
I travel a lot so thought it was time to treat myself and upgrade from my phone as player.

Have a few pairs of iems and some Bose SoundLink cans to test it with for travel purposes.

Will report back on findings here when it arrives.

Congrats, I’m curious to know your Roon integration experience…assuming you are talking about the Kann Alpha.

I may have had my head turned by the SE180 instead (slimmer, DAC exchangeability) - I will report back, though.