ASUS router settings

I’m aware Roon recommends that I should enable multicast routing (LAN settings) but there’s no mention of enabling IGMP as they suggest for other routers. Should I enable it?

There also IGMP under the wireless settings:

Enable IGMP snooping as well as this allows the router to remember who has joined the multicast groups.

Why does this help Roon?

Because Roon uses multicast to advertise the server to clients on the LAN, some routers/switches will natively convert multicast to unicast and flood them on all ports but others can stop sending the multicast to ports after a timeout. This will often cause Roon to work for a while and then the client to lose connection with the server.

That probably explains the odd dropout/crash on my iPad.

Should enable for both Wifi and LAN?


yep if you have clients on wifi.

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