Asynchronous Zone

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet Cisco SG200 Switch & Unify Controller

Connected Audio Devices

7 Linn DS (Klimax, Akurate, Majik & Sekrit (x4))

Library Size

Description of Issue

Multiple zones always used to play in perfect synchrony but over last 10 days a least one zone is playing out of sync with all other zones.

Hello @Peter-Marc_Fortune,

Thanks for letting us know of the issue you ran into. We’re sorry :sweat:

Did anything change at all in your system? Maybe a power outage, a network reset.

Could you please try disabling and ungrouping the zones. After that, play to each zone individually - does Roon work with every Linn device?

If so, could you please start grouping 2, then 3, then 4 until you get to all 7. What do you discover in this progression?

Thanks so much :pray:

Thanks - I tried zone by zone, no problems to any individual zone.

Building up numbers the asynchrony reappeared after 4 zones. After 3 attempts at build up it seemed to be linked to a particular zone.

Given the above power cycled every zone and my whole network and router.

All now appear to be in synchrony again (with 7 zones running) - hopefully solved!