Audeze pre-sets with MQA


with the new version of Roon I have notice crackling noises happening while listening MQA content with Audeze LCD-3 presets Low-latency. If I disable the presets the noise disappear.
The set up is iMac > Mytek Brookly via USB > Audeze LCD3

The first time this happened I was listening the TIDAL MQA 48 kHz/MQA 96kHz version of Smells Like Teen Spirit of Nirvana’s Nevermind and on the right headphone I could hear some crackling noises starting from 10 seconds and going on for the whole length, this happens every time I listen to the song.
Today it happened again even if less prominent with David Byrne’s It’s not dark up here from American Utopia TIDAL MQA 48 kHz/MQA 96kHz. Again the crackling noises start approx 10 seconds in the right can. Disabling the Audeze preset solves the problem.
Here the path of the David Byrne’ song (similar to the Nirvana)


Hi @Marcor. Moving to support.

Cc: @john

Marco, I had a similar problem playing MQA for the first time through Roon version 1.5 on my desktop setup (which was not present when playing straight from the Tidal desktop app): MacBook Pro>Audeze presets>iFi nano BL>Audeze iSine 20. There would be clipping in the right channel on bass notes. Turning on headroom management at -3dB in dsp settings resolved it.

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Thanks Matt,

I will definitively give it a go this evening when I am back at home. I will report here if this solve the issue.

And we have a winner!
Thanks Matt, definitively a clipping problem, I turned on the the headroom with -0 dB and activated the clipping indicator and it started flashing red straight away. The -3 dB headroom adjustment fixed the issue for good.


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