Audeze Preset causing end of track to be cut off [Solved]

@brian, I noticed it also happens when you get to the end of an album you played and Roon automatically starts to play radio (so basically when Roon has finished playing a queue of songs and then starts radio). And in that case it happens even if you stay at the same sampling rate.
I can reproduce it. Note that it won’t reproduce if you click back to the last song on the album/queue and then let the last seconds play, because then Roon already has the next song lined up to play. It happens when the next song is “unknown” until the playback finishes.

@brian, it still reproduces for me.
And another use case - when it’s the last track in the queue, you also lose the final few seconds.

Hello @Chikolad,

I moved your posts into their own thread so that we could focus on the issue you are reporting. Can you confirm the following bits of information

  1. Do you see this behavior on every playback zone? If it’s limited to certain zones, what devices are they?
  2. Does this behavior occur with both Tidal playback and local media playback?
  3. Can you confirm that the audio output is being cut off, irrespective of the seek bar behavior? The seek bar may have slight discrepancies with the audio output when using long tap length filters.


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Thanks @john,

First, let me clarify that to reproduce it you will need to play Redbook files with the linear filter and make sure that it’s the last track in the queue.

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter which zones/devices. I was able to reproduce it both on a Chord Hugo 2 and a PreSonus Audiobox sound card.
  2. Yes, it happens both on local files and Tidal.
  3. I’m not sure I understand the question. With the long tap length filters the seek bar indeed starts moving ~3 seconds before the audio playback starts. When we get to the end of the track, the seek bar reaches the end before the song is finished, and this is around the same time that the audio cuts off. I would guess that these 2 phenomena happen for the same reason. With higher-res content both are less noticeable.

Hey @Chikolad,

Just wanted to let you know that we were able to reproduce the reported behavior using the steps from the description. Issue was reported to the dev team.



I have been having this issue as well and am glad to see it being addressed.

It only happens very intermittently for me - using Poly Chord Mojo on both my Audeze headphones (LCD 4 and LCD - XC) - where it skips certain tracks - I thought it was related to my network - in any event I will be replacing my router (provided by the broadband provider) with a Netgate SG-5100 pf sense to match my Ruckus Wireless solution (I strongly recommend Ruckus for wifi) - this may improve the wireless bandwidth for the Poly (which is only 2.4G) and other devices that run on wireless in our household.

Hey all,

We just released Roon 1.5 (Build 354) which includes a fix to the issue causing end of song to be cut off with Audeze Preset.

You can read more about the update here:



This is great news, as I listen almost exclusively with Audeze. Thanks!

Yay! Thanks for this guys!