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Not only is the analysis much slower, but a bug has also appeared.
On my Roon Core, I keep the background analysis OFF and start it only after I add new files to the storage. After these are analyzed, I set the background analysis OFF again.
In the last two versions (933 + 935), I noticed that:

  • Initially Roon correctly detects the total number of new files.
  • As the analysis progresses, the total number of new files starts to grow and continues to grow all the time.
  • After exceeding the initially total number of new files, the analysis continues as if it were analyzing some real files.

Today I seen this twice. Last time I added 42 FLAC files, and the total number of new files gradually increased from 42 to 68.

I do not think that the result of such an analysis can be correct. How can I reset the analysis for certain FLAC files in the library?

@DanielAvasilichioaei I’ve asked our QA team to have a look at this as the behavior that you’ve described is obviously not correct. It might take a few days to get back to you, but we’ll be back in touch.

@jamie should be following up with you once the QA team has had a chance to investigate.

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…or I will since I happen to keeping an eye on it.

We’ve been able to replicate this behavior and it’s an issue of the counter being managed incorrectly when analysis of a track fails. It’s not that the actual list or amount of work is growing, just the count. We’ve got a ticket in with the devs and will get this cleaned up.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention!


I identified the FLAC album at which the analysis fails. After correcting the FLAC files, the analysis process returned to normal.
However, the bug should be fixed so that the analysis is not impacted so badly by processing a corrupt file.

@DanielAvasilichioaei, do you have a copy of the original file on which analysis fails? If so we would like to get a copy of it so that @RoonQA can document the issue and get it over to the development team. Someone from the QA team will be in touch with instructions.

Unfortunately, yesterday I synced all my locations with media files and I no longer have the faulty version of FLAC.

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