Audio analysis of all newly added tracks is extremely slow

Roon Core Machine

Linux Fedora release 34, AMD A10-7860K Radeon R7 with 16GB of RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1Gb wired Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Lots on the home network - AirPlay, Oppo BDP-203 etc

Number of Tracks in Library

80,000 +

Description of Issue

Audio analysis of all newly added tracks is extremely slow. Metainfo is all recognized quickly and properly and albums all appear with good cover art and all, but audio analysis in background is going extremely slowly.

tail -F /var/roon/RoonServer/Logs/RoonServer_log.txt

04/27 10:05:33 Debug: [easyhttp] [1218] POST to timed out after 59998 ms
04/27 10:05:33 Trace: Failure sending data [Emmanuelle Haïm - Une nouvelle fête baroque (Live) - Idoménée: "Embarquons-nous" - Rigaudon I - Rigaudon II (Chœur) [Live]] to AAS: NetworkTimeout
04/27 10:05:33 Debug: [easyhttp] [1219] GET to timed out after 60000 ms
04/27 10:05:33 Warn: [music_analysis] network error or timeout while fetching analysis info for track id 44105522
04/27 10:05:33 Trace: [analysis] requeueing track=44105522
04/27 10:05:43 Debug: [easyhttp] [1222] GET to returned after 55264 ms, status code: 404
04/27 10:05:43 Trace: [analysis] Track Pedro Mateo Gonzalez - Ondulation - Darabok a Gitariskolanak: Hullamzas - Ondulation was not found in AudioAnalysis Service, continuing with analysis...
04/27 10:05:43 Trace: [analysis] analyzing trackid=44101426 url=/mnt/Shmublic/Music/Pedro Mateo Gonzalez - Ondulation (2022) [DSD128]/05. Darabok a Gitariskolanak Hullamzas - Ondulation.dsf
04/27 10:05:46 Info: [stats] 23648mb Virtual, 5478mb Physical, 3559mb Managed, 333 Handles, 83 Threads 

Every added track is causing timeouts with
All my other network services are fine. I am software and network engineer by trade.

Hi @George_Akimov1, very sorry for the issues you’re having here. Part of the audio analysis process consults with our back-end servers and we’re currently experiencing a minor outage which is impacting some users. We’re working on it and it should be back to normal soon.

You may want to temporarily disable audio analysis in Roon’s settings so that this doesn’t have an impact on your normal usage.


Thanks, I suspected something like this. Is there a monitoring page somewhere to check the current status of your different background services?

No but its been asked for many times.

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Thanks for explaining. Even during slow track analysis I was able to use my system for playing music without problems.
I only noticed it while adding new audio files with mqa. Normally Roon indicates the mqa details in under a minute after adding. After that didn’t happen i realized the slow track analysis as root cause

We made some changes to our back-end process that deals with audio analysis and are currently tracking some unexpected strangeness (highly technical term). This appears to be slowing down the analysis process. We’re investigating and hope to have a solution in place in the coming days.

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