Audio analysis stuck on 0

Under settings and then setup, there is an option to set “audio analysis speed”. On my machine it says below this “analyzing 0/86048”, and has done for the number of hours that I have been running Roon. Is this a bug? Speed is set to normal.

@extracampine I added around 100 tracks last night and mine showed 0/100 and regularly progressed, this morning all were done, mine is set to Normal by the way, have you tried setting it to high?


@extracampine – I had a similar issue last week, but I haven’t had a chance to investigate yet.

Can you try turning analysis off, then back on again, and let me know if you get unstuck? If so, it’s probably the same issue as I’m having, so let me look into my setup and see if I can identify the file we’re getting stuck on.

Thanks for the report @extracampine

Yeah – I’m seeing problems here w/W7-64 too. Don’t have time to track down the exact behavior, but definitely grinding to a halt or falling asleep (both fast and slow speeds). Exiting & re-entering Roon seems to get things started again, but the analysis stops again sooner rather than later. Turning analysis off & then back on in menu definitely re-starts the process.

Just a question - is this “audio analysis” feature required for Roon to show the waveform seekbar at the bottom? I turned my audio analysis off as I wasn’t too bothered about volume levelling or cross-fading, but Roon is now not showing the waveform seekbar!

Yup — the waveforms are part of the audio analysis process.

Yup, @RBM is correct.

I’m guessing if you turn analysis back on to fast, you can just get this done overnight (or over a couple of days, if your collection is really big).

Thanks - I turned it off and on, put it on fast, and it is now going :slight_smile:

Same problem here, except with a re-install. Solution was the same. Thanks.