Audio codecs missing on RoonServer install WS2016

Hello crew. I have Windows Server 2016 installed without GUI. Trying to get Roon up and running. On install of RoonServerInstaller64.exe, I am told that RoonServer is installed — and Task Manager shows it is there. However, when clicking finish, I get the error message:

Fatal Error

Required Audio Codecs Missing!

I have read that the media pack for Windows N server x64 is not required because the codecs are already installed for Windows Server 2016. And I couldn’t install the KB with the media pack anyway when I nevertheless tried that.

I’m at a loss. Any clue what I am to do? Thanks. JCR

Hey @Jeffrey_Robbins,

Which version of Windows Server 2016 did you install? After doing some research it appears that this should be available on the Windows Server 2016 Essentials version of WS2016.


Hi @dylan. I have the Windows Server 2016 Standard edition without the GUI. I had been using Windows Server 2012R2 Standard in minimal core mode and that worked fine. And 2016 in full GUI works fine as well.

I guess I don’t know if my license key will work for the 2016 Essentials version. I will have to see. And I presume you don’t think that any media pack can be installed into the Standard edition without the GUI? JCR

Hey @Jeffrey_Robbins,

I did some research on this and it looks like there isn’t an essentials media pack that can be downloaded for WS2016 like there was on WS2012 to allow for streaming. I did find this request, it may be worth adding a vote here:

Kind regards,

Understood. Interestingly, WS2012R2 works with Roon without the Media Pack in minimal server mode and WS2016 with the GUI works with Roon as well — and in fact, I am using that now. In that light, do we really think this is a Media Pack issue at all, given that WS2016 with GUI works fine? JCR