Audio devices disappeared from my PC!

I have my core running on a NUC, to which is connected (via ethernet) a Windows PC running Roon as a remote. All used to be fine until a few nights ago.

The audio devices seem to have disappeared from Roon:

Primarily, the audio devices on the Windows PC I’m using aren’t there. They are there in Windows, and sound in Windows is fine.

The only thing that has changed (I think) is that I switched ISP/router - but since this is all within the home network I don’t know if that would affect things.

I can play music fine on Roon on my mobile (iOS) device.

Any help appreciated!

Hi, fellow user here. I do not know if this is going to work.
Power down all. Router, computers, endpoints.
Wait some minutes.
Power your router, than switches, than Roon Core, than all the rest one by one.

Maybe if it doesn’t work get in your router settings and review all ip’s and settings.

Other users might help you better than me if you use the template for support (provide detailed description of your network and setup, etc)


Thanks Traian. Somehow the devices just reappeared. I’ll keep an eye on things!

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Sometimes this happens after an update. Happened to me yesterday. A simple restart of the core fixed this issue.

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