Audio dropouts streaming Tidal MQA to raspberry pi with hifiberry digi+

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 Desktop core intel core i3 (clarksdale) Roon 1.6 build 416

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Core machine USB 2.0 AC 600 wireless adapter, Netgear 6400 AC1750 router, raspberrypi 3B internal B/G/N wireless

**Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.

Raspberry Pi 3B running dietpi, roon bridge, 3.5 Amp 5v power, Hifiberry digi + toslink optical to Shitt Modi 2 Uber also tried USB to DAC.

*Description Of Issue

While streaming Tidal MQA 192 to my raspberry pi / hifiberry digi+ bridge, I get regular audio dropouts. When this happens the “Authentication” MQA studio 96kHz blanks out momentarily. I like roon but I want to get this figured out quickly before my trial period ends. I am able to stream FLAC 24/192 stored on the core machine without any audio skipping.

So far, I have replaced the RPi power supply with a 3.5 amp model. Also tried direct USB connection to Shitt Modi DAC. No improvement. I have attached an image of the signal path . Thank you for any help.

I have had limited success with onboard wifi with Rpi. I ALWAYS add a USB wireless dongle (they are all "old"tech 2.4 G I believe) and am streaming hi res Flac and Qobuz & Tidal with no wifi issues, I have several RPi endpoints and all work well. You might also check if your running a “lite” version (I use DietPi) with NO GUI.



Duh, you said DietPi. Must read properly.

Thank you for your idea Graham. I will try that solution this evening. I have a “WiPi” dongle from and older raspberry pi. Additionally, I have ordered a faster USB wifi adapter for my windows core server upstairs. Wired network connections would be difficult with my home’s layout. I want to find a workable wireless solution. By the way - great name!

Graham S.

I have to agree on names :slight_smile:

My middle name is Brearley, named after my grandfather whose grandmother was Scottish, so we were told.

You will be told that WiFi doesn’t work well for Roon. I’m sure that can be true, but with good planning and a good mesh (I get better than 200mbps) it can work well. I think at last count we have about 12 endpoints, all on wireless.


Hi @Graham_Stewart,

As mentioned by @Graham_Bird, WiFi is often susceptible to more issues than using Ethernet, so if on WiFi I would definitely make sure that you are using a decent USB WiFi adapter, as the lower end ones can cause dropouts and such.

You mentioned that this issue only occurs for TIDAL content, what if you have local MQA content, does that stream properly or do you have issues with that as well? If you don’t have any MQA content in your current library, you can download a few samples from the 2L Test Bench (<-clickable link).

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