Audio file import issues

Hello Roon support
I’m having some problems getting some files imported into the software. At this point it’s only limited to two specific albums, both of which were ripped by me and are 16/48k files of live concert. The strange thing is parts of the albums are in roon but it’s missing specific tracks (Disc 1, track 1, disc 2 tracks 2,4,6,8). Checking the metadata is all identical between tracks other than the title (and filename) and the track number.
Any thoughts?

Macbook Pro 13" OSX 10.10.5
Roon Version 1.1 Build 70

Hey @Makisupaman – I’d like to take a look at the missing files and see if I’m able to reproduce the issue here. Can you zip up 2 or 3 of the missing files and PM me a link to dropbox or similar?

If you don’t have a way to upload them, that’s fine – just PM me and I’ll give you a way to upload them directly to us.


Hey Mike
Unfortunately I cannot upload to Google Drive for some stupid reason so if you can provide an upload link that would be great.
Even more concerning while I was trying to upload some files I noticed that there are some missing and completely corrupted. The ONLY changes I made to them were thru Roon to edit the metadata and make sure it was all correct so they would appear in the software properly. Somehow they are corrupted and I’d really like you to take a look at that (now I have to go and re-rip those discs since they were deleted).

While I have your attention I"m having some other related issues. I’ve been using Roon for 4-5 months and initially setup my system ‘temporarily’ until I got upgraded harddrives in my NAS. I actually didn’t have any issues with it and everything worked as advertised and quickly. I recently upgrade my NAS drive and reorganized and reimported my library. However now I’m having all kinds of issues with Roon specifically:

  1. Roon has been extremely slow, unresponsive, and has even crashed on me a few times(ditto for the Roon app on my iPad 2).
  2. Roon has duplicate copies of the albums I had imported before I upgraded my drive even though those files are no longer where they were because that drive has been pulled. How/why is it showing multiple copies of the same albums, particularly for ones that the audio no longer exists on the drive that was being ‘watched’?
  3. Some of my albums were previously hidden. The ONLY way I can find to see them is in settings ‘show hidden albums’ but I want to wipe all the previously ‘hidden’ folders so I can restart organizing. How can this be done?
  4. With some of my metadata updating, when I select whether I want to use Roon metadata or my own embedded in the files and ‘save’ it the saved parameters are not saved at all. Sometimes I’ve ‘saved’ changes 3-4 times and they don’t take.
  5. The background analysis has been taking nearly a week. Previously this took much quicker time and I really don’t understand why the software is performing slower given that Roon has informed me it gets ‘more’ powerful with more music I’m experiencing the exact opposite with it slowing down and having all kinds of hiccups.

Sorry for the laundry list and please let me know when you have a chance.

I sent you instructions for sending me some media, but reading the rest of this report, I think I’d like to get a look at your logs – will follow up via PM,

Stand by!