Audio file loading slowly (DSD128>filter>EQ)

I’m having trouble playing DSD 128. I know I have a lot going on (Convolution filter > EQ) but I have an i7-4770K and 16 GB of RAM. Please help

What does trouble mean?
Symptoms, messages?

Use the processing speed indicator to get a sense of how “close to the line” you are. Numbers below 1.0 mean that the CPU on your Roon core is not powerful enough to execute the configuration you’ve requested.

With 5.8 million taps on convolution, you are definitely taxing the cpu. How high in frequency did you go while creating the filters? Staying below 500 or 1000 Hz could help.


I’m using 30% of my CPU at the most when it happens

Anything under 1.4x processing speed is going to be struggling to keep up.

I thought I’d read a post somewhere by the devs upping the minimum processing speed to be 2.0 before things might start being wonky. Or maybe I dreamed it.

Maybe 1.6 is having higher demands?

Hi @Breen_Lyden,

If you disable DSP and don’t use the Convolution Filter does the same behavior occur?

nope no problems without DSP

Can someone please shed some light on why this is happening when I’m only using 30% of my CPU

I’m guessing that the number of taps you’ve set is not achievable in real time.

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