Audio is cutting out across the system. Any and all connected devices

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini holds the core
OS 10.15.7
2.5Ghz, intel i5 , 16 GB memory

Networking Gear & Setup Details

The modem that snares the internet from Comcast is a Netgear CM 1100. That feeds a TP Link AC1750 Router. That feeds a D Link DGS 1108 switch . Connected to that is a QNAP HS210 NAS that holds the library, also an Apple TV (I believe the current model) that feeds the home theater. Also connected is another switch, a DGS 105. That connects the Mac Mini — where the core lives.

Connected Audio Devices

The afore mentioned Apple TV, a Marantz M CR612 connects wirelessly and a couple of iPads for control and occasionally music.

Library Size

1378 albums, 17496 tracks.

Description of Issue

For the last 4 days audio has been cutting in and out. Library files, Tidal, internet radio. This seems to happen every few minutes or so.
This began to happen occasionally, after a few minutes of normal operation the audio signal cuts out for about 2 seconds then resumes. It now happens immediately at starting the system, the drop outs occur at unpredictable but frequent intervals . This has rendered the system unlistenable.

This happens across all devises.

I have changed nothing in my system. Thanks

Support will be interested in the section, “Networking Gear & Setup Details” as it is likely a source or contributing factor to your problem.

Thanks John, I know. I was too tired and frustrated to do the spelunking last night to document my equipment. I’m adding the list now.

And before anyone asks, I have restarted the system

I tried restarting again, today and now all seems well. Curious. Must be the Data Lords.

Over and out.

Hi @Peter_Armstrong — I just wanted to check in on this. Have things continued working for you after the restart?

I just now saw this email. Yes indeed it did work fine, but then I tried to migrate to a Nucleus and it not working.