Audio Note Cobra valve integrated amp/DAC, lossless-bitperfect

Hi, I am Looking forward to buy Audio Note Cobra integrated with built-in DAC.
Audio Note’s description of the DAC:
“The digital coax inputs can accept signals up to 24-bit/176.4kHz (native bit-depth for the Philips TDA1543 D/A converter chip is 16bit, so anything above this is truncated down). The Optical SPDIF input can accept signals up to 24-bit/96kHz (see above). The USB input can accept up to 16-bit/48kHz.”
So I want to use an Allo DigiOne which is connected with LAN to the Roon Core. From the DigiOne I will go with Coax into the DAC of the Audio Note.
My question is, do I get a lossless signal-path with this combination or not? Do not want to use any DSP settings within Roon.
Thanks for help.

hello, no one here can help?

Question: Why would one buy a DAC with chips from 1991 and at the same time be concerned about lossless transport? You sure can get a lossless 16/44 with it…

From your description, and the Audio Note site, you should, if the S/PDIF coax input on the Audio Note is up to spec. But note that the path won’t be really lossless for 24 bit material, as the lowest-order 8 bits will be dropped. It’s unlikely that’s audible, but you should keep that in mind.

As @KMM asks, it seems a bit sad to use such a limited DAC with a fine tube amplifier (Audio Note is justly famous for their tube amps, transformers, and other parts). In your shoes, if committed to a multibit DAC, there are excellent options, both NOS and oversampling, from Schiit, Metrum, Sonnet, Soekris, Holo Audio (the ones I’ve owned or own) and others.

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