Audio on my Desktop [Solved]

Help! No audio on my desktop. Have set up for Wadia power DAC. No audio through my speakers. Sooloos plays fine!


Sorry for the trouble here.

Can you us a little more about your setup, network, media, and output, as described here.

Let us know the details and then support can look a following this up with you.

Windows 10
USB into a Wadia 151 powerDAC mini, then audio out to my speakers
Verizon FIOS router

All other sources played through same system, including Sooloos media system, is playing fine.

Downloaded Roon last week so I assume it is the most recent version. Not sure where to look for the version on my computer

Roon --> Settings --> About … displays the version and build number … it also check for updates.

Are you able to select the Wadia, as a Roon output zone?

Can you go in Roon --> Setting -> Audio
In the section “Connected to this PC” do you see the Wadia listed? Is it enabled?
If not please enable it.

Can you post a screen image, so we can see what you see.

Also with the Wadia enabled, click on the small “cogs” icon, to display how the device is setup … can you post a screen shot of that as well please.

PS Are you aware of the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a good source of information for new and experienced Roon users.

Thank you for your help. I finally realized the zone was set incorrectly for the study. Once I selected the appropriate zone, music played.


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