Audio Outputs Mixed Up

I have a similar problem …

Hi @Michael_Schmitt,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you please provide some more details regarding your report?

  1. Was this working correctly in the past?
  2. What changed when the issue occurred (did you restore a backup for example)?
  3. Can you please send me a copy of your ROCK and Roon Bridge logs? You can access logs by using these instructions.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

@noris i think i found the problem. I replaced the mainboard in my HTPC. The old mainboard is now in my PC. The hard disks were not exchanged. I installed the roon app on my notebook for the test. It was displayed correctly. How can I reset the rock without setting everything up again? How can I remove the known devices?

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Hi @Michael_Schmitt,

Please submit logs when you have a chance, I’ve followed up via private message!

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