Audio Outputs of PC Not Showing


I have had Roon Server running on an Ubuntu box with my Windows 7 PC setup as a remote for the last few months. Everything has worked flawlessly until just a couple days ago. What has changed is that now, when I start Roon on the PC I am able to see the other outputs on my network (a Raspberry PI and Macbook Pro) with their audio outputs, but I am not able to see the audio outputs on the PC (which were there before). Playback and control is fine on the other outputs. I have rebooted the PC a couple of times and tried with firewall both on and off.

Any ideas on what might be happening?

Has there been any recent changes to the Win 7 machine, like Microsoft Updates? etc etc

Yes, the regular windows 7 updates, but nothing other than that.

It is very possible that something in the recent update has gotten in the way. You can roll back the latest update and see if that resolves it. The Win 7 updates have been breaking lots of things over the past year.