Audio problems on Asustor As7004T Core

Hello, I would like to comment on a problem that I cannot solve. I have an Asustor AS7004 Core, Mac mini i5 4Gb ram Bridge and Dac RME Adi 2 Dac. I constantly suffer audio cuts and stops, I have Cat8 network cables, gigabit connection. I raised the playback buffer and this did not help. If you could give me some help on this I would really appreciate it.
Greetings and thanks.

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What network equipment do you have?

I had everything centralized in a cisco sg350 and I put it directly to the router, it seems that it was going better. Wifi a unifi nano hd. 300mb download and 100mb upload.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Hello @Angel_Perez, and welcome to the community! How is the DAC connected to your core and network? Can you provide a timestamp here next time you’re able to reproduce this? Thanks!

I just started the core in Asustor AS7004T.
It is connected to a Sagemcom 50001 router.
The network is to a Mac mini as remote and bridge, Dac RME ADI 2 fs to Mac mini.
Thank you

Hello @Angel_Perez, and thanks for the information! Next time you experience a dropout, please reply here with a timestamp and the track name you had playing at the time. Also, do you experience these dropouts on any other endpoint, including the system output of your mac?

It seems that most of the problem was solved by configuring Google DNS and Roon server in an external SSD nvme m.2 by Usb 3.
Any problem I will inform.

Hello @Angel_Perez, that’s awesome news! Yes, please let me know if you continue to have issues.

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