Audio Quest cobalt with AirPods Max

Anyone have experience with Cobalt or AirPod Max. I’m evaluating the AirPods as i read conflicting information on the potential sound if they are set up correctly?

Looking for a good portable set up. Decent amp/dac and headphones(Wired) that are MQA capable? Any thoughts or suggestions?

I love my AirPods Max: without a question the best sounding wireless headphone I have owned (ref: Sony XM3/4, Bose QC35ii/700). Great ease of use within the Apple eco system as well (I switch them from iPhone to MacBook to iPad all day long). Switching between noise cancelling and transparency is quick and easy. Dolby Atmos/Spacial Audio is not for me, but you can eat your heart out if it is your thing.

It makes little sense however to use them with Cobalt (or any other DAC). You’d need to use the (flimsy but functional) Apple cable for that, introducing an extra (and unnecessary) A/D step in the audio path: digital to Cobalt > analog to cable > digital to AirPods Max > analog to ears. If you like to use the Cobalt, you’d be better served by a non-wireless pair of headphones.

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