Audio quest dragonfly (red)

Just bought this device and holy s••t the sound that comes from this thing is magic. Does anyone else use this with their Roon or anything else? Why does the dragon light up to a higher rate on lower quality songs? Is it compensating?

I don’t own any of the Dragonflys, but I did look at the Cobalt’s online manual a while back. The light on the Cobalt changes colour to indicate what bitrate it is receiving. I assume the Red does the same, no?

As to the rate it is receiving, check your signal path in Roon for what it is doing with the source.

I have 1 x DF Black, Red & Cobalt. The blacks was used with my phone until I got my DAP. The Red I got 2nd hand and use it one my headstations about the house, it will be replaced with an RME ADI 2 very shortly. The cobalt is used in another head station. They are pretty good on the whole considering their size. They get some bad press from purists who like to see measurements, but to my ears I dont care, they fit a purpose T, small, and discrete, sound good and work without drivers.

What are you using it on? If you on windows or mac, ensure Exclusive use is selected. Unless your upsampling it should switch colours depending on the source if in exclusie mode. A solid light indicates its using system audio to control it and it will set it at the highest and resample every thing to that rate.

Heres mine on my laptop which I am listening to right now. with signal path this will change with each samplerate/bit depth of whats playing.

settngs are

Makes sure also you not resampling.

Yes. The green indicates 44.1. On a 128kbps mp3, it switched to blue, which is 88.2.

My MacBook and car.

Show you signal path it will indicate what its doing. Any lossy files such as mp3 or aac are decoded to 44.1 Khz 24 bit. They dont actually have a sample rate or bit depth due to the way the codecs work. So Roon does what it things is the best quality for them. Not sure why its showing as blue but sounds like you mac is outputting at system audio to me or its upsampling in Roon somewhere.

I’m in my car.

Thanks for the screenshots. Yes, I use the sampling filter. I like it, but I don’t know what minimum linear phase means or those other options.

I just acquired a dragonfly red. I am in Apple ecosystem and I’ll use it with Mac’s and i-Devices plus Roon. Theoretically speaking, would you expect a change in sound quality out of same dragonfly red when plugged into a Mac vs iphone? Any change between iphone or ipad? Between iphone SE and 12?