Audio Quest MQA Update

Just received the MQA update for AQ dragonfly black 1.5 that I have on a Pi3 endpoint running DietPi.
Does Roon pass through MQA to my DAc as renderer via RAAT?

I am getting “folded” rates but the DAC will only unfold when streaming Tidal from their desktop app.

Is this right?

I can only get it to play anything higher than 44.1 or 48k with Tidal decoding MQA, that worked already before the upgrade so not sure what it added, if anything.

I am only getting 44.1 or 48 playback via Roon on the updated DragonFly. Sigh. I thought Roon passed MQA through the to the DAC and the DragonFly would unfold.

Have you all disabled any DSP? If so, not sure what else to try, sorry.

Yep. DSP disabled.

Yes DSP all disabled. The DF decodes up to its 96k max via tidal desktop app - just not roon.

Me too - clearly not !

Thinking about it, would Roon display the unfolded sample rate? I don’t think so at the moment.

I haven’t got it plugged in but I’m pretty sure when using the Meridian Explorer, the relevant MQA and highres sample lights lit up on the Explorer, but Roon displayed the rate it’s passing to the device.

I could be wrong though.

Are there any utilities that come with the Dragonfly where you could see what the device is doing?

When enabling MQA passthrough in Tidal Desktop App, the DragonFly behaves exactly like with Roon, OS sends 44.1 or 48k and the same rates are confined by the color of the DragonFly’s diodes.

So what was the point with that FW upgrade?

The device is displaying the colour coded rate which is the same as shown in roon - ie 48k/24bit max or 44.1/24 where applicable. Unfolds to 96 displayed rate on tidal app though. It’s a pass through issue I guess but not sure if this is expected brhaviour

I’m getting 96k magenta with pass through on and exclusive mode off in tidal desktop app

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Hmm, the color for normal PCM at 88.2/96k is red, whether when letting Tidal unfold MQA it is purple.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, with Exclusive mode off, it works with Passthrough.

But not via RAAT - boo :unamused:

Well that was a short one, now back to same behaviour with exclusive on, i.e. passthrough is not at higher rate at all.

Yeah - I give up. With tidal desktop pass through on, exclusive off I can get it to decode higher rates if dac attached to the main computer. However I want it decoded by the dac attached to endpoint which does not seem to be an option beyond 48k.

Me, too. I get the 96 with the TIDAL desktop app, but not through Roon.

Seems like this is probably one for @support then.

Yes I guess so

The Dragonfly is an MQA renderer only: it relies on a previous source (software) to do the first unfold to 96/24 (f.e. Tidal or Audirvana 3) and it takes it from there. It cannot handle a ‘full’ MQA file/stream.

Only when Roon in a future release is able to perform this first unfold the Dragon will be able to play MQA.