Audio research Gsi 75 USB Raspberry endpoint

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon core on a iMac.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Optical fiber to a switch that is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Raspberry Pi via USB to Internal DAC of Audio Research Gsi 75 amp.

Description Of Issue
Roon recognizes the Raspberry but doesn’t get sound. Any of you know what is can be happening?

What OS are you running on your Raspberry Pi? What does your signal path look like?

oh, and it may simply not work with Linux. May need to contact AR.

It’s Linux. I don’t know what is the protocol. Where I can see that? On roon?

Yes, Linux but is it diet-pi, RoPieee, other? This will help in determining what logs to look at on the Pi to try and identify if its compatible.

Diet-pi. I have another card with the RoPiee, if it helps

I don’t understand ALSA well enough to type up debug instructions here. I’d get a file moved over locally to the Pi (wav. or other sample that aplay understands). Use aplay or speaker-test to generate some local audio then look through the logs. That requires knowing what hardware device the DAC is using (aplay -l). It it doesn’t work locally then Roon won’t work either.

From some additional reading I’m not seeing any confirmation this DAC doesn’t require a driver. That means it may not be compliant and it may not work with Linux.

Oh, and one more thing to try. Go into Roon settings and set the max sample rate to 16 bits / 96khz under advanced settings. There is a chance its being recognized as an older standard which would limit to this bit / resolution.

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This is a 75 watt integrated amp that they are charging $15,000 dollars for? It does say, “driver required for Windows PC”, but no mention of other OSs. That usually means that they use the standard USB-Audio drivers, which come built-in with Mac and Linux. Though, at that price, I wouldn’t be surprised if they required a custom OS, too.

Never used Diet-Pi, sorry. Why don’t you switch to your RoPieee card, then reboot and take a look at the RoPieee web interface to it? Maybe you just need to enable the DAC. It sounds like the Roon Bridge (you did install the Roon Bridge on your Diet-Pi build?) isn’t seeing the DAC that’s plugged in.

You might need a hardware upgrade.

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I have another ropiee card and doesn’t work idem. Even I have another card with the Vitos ( silent angel software) doesn’t work too.

I have already the Hugo TT2, is more detail, but I like more audio Research DAC, it has a more sound stage depth and more smooth with the transparency that it has the sound of AR. That’s why I want to use only the DAC of the GSI 75.

Just for the record. The problem is that, I just order the DAC board version 3, it works with Linux. Thank you guys!

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