Audio setup exclusive mode with Meridian endpoint ID40 and explorer 1

I basically understand the goal for the exclusive mode(best audio quality for the user),
but i do not understand that with Meridian endpoints.
Iam using a 861 and DSP and have a ID40 card and a ensemble.
My storage is on y USB disk connected to my Macbook.
The connection to my network is either with ethernet or wireless.
There was? is no choice to select the exclusive mode with “networked” connections
-I see all the zones outputs of the ensemble and the ID40 what iam use-.

On the “direct connection” (all on my Macbook) i see the internal speaker and standard audio output and also my via USB connected Explorer 1 with the integrated optical digital output.
On that and all other “direct connected” outputs i can select the exclusive mode.
the question here is if there is a difference for audio quality for the explorer using either the digital or analogue output and select the “exclusive mode” or not ?



Hi Robert,

Exclusive mode is only applicable to devices connect directly to your computer (Mac/PC).
When enabled that device is directly controlled by Roon for bit perfect play back, the OS audio mixed is now out of the loop - meaning no other audio sources can use that device whilst Roon has it.

For network connected devices, i.e. your ID40 card, Roon always connects directly to them for bit perfect streaming and that’s why there is no option to disable ‘exclusive’ mode for these.

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Thanks Carl again for your help.

So I should enable Exclusive mode for my Prime Headphone Amp via USB to my iMac, and this will mean I do not have to tweak the AudioMidi control every time I play music with a different sample rate to stop the iMac upsampling/downsampling?

Yes, and Yes.

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