Audio stops, but track is still playing

I am having a frequent issue where a track is playing, but the audio stops coming out. The track progress indicator is still running and the three bars on the audio zone are still moving, but there is no sound. If I close Roon and reopen it, or mess around restarting the track a few times audio will restart. I use the same PC for video, youtube, etc and it is only Roon that does this. Previous music players I have used also didn’t have this issue.

Windows 10
Chord Mojo

Try swapping the usb cable as a first try.

Thanks. I tried that and it still does it

Hello @Matthew_Cole,

Are you using the Chord ASIO driver or the Windows 10 WASAPI driver? The Chord Mojo has previous known issues with the Windows 10 WASAPI driver, I would try using the Chord ASIO driver instead. You can find a link to the driver here

You may also be able to resolve this issue by disabling “Event Driven Mode” in the “Show Advanced” menu of “Device Setup” for the Chord Mojo zone.


Thank you John

I was already running the ASIO driver.

I can’t see “Event Driven Mode” in the advanced menu.

Hello @Matthew_Cole,

The “Use Event Driven” toggle will only appear under the Device Setup screen for the WASAPI Chord Mojo zone. This is not applicable to ASIO playback.