Audio via RAAT has intermittent dropouts, AirPlay OK from core on high spec'd iMac [Resolved: Jumbo Frame]

Jumbo frames should only be active if all devices on Lan support it otherwise you do get issues. Not all 1gb devices all support it properly and most audio devices don’t use more than 100mb/s ports.

Not sure why you will not try the 100 switch which has been suggested by many members here so far and had been shown in the past to help with Roon and Devialet.

Just give it a try instead of saying you won’t because…

I believe it’s most likely a Devialet RAAT implementation issue which Devialet (& Roon) need to investigate and fix. If it needs a 10/100 switch to get it to work it’s broken & shouldn’t pass 'certification".

Until it’s fixed, I just use the other endpoints for the Devialet instead. Devialet’s own AIR and other Meridian endpoints work just as well.

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