Audio Zone on Server Core not remote PC

Have a dedicated audio PC as a Core with roon server and Jplay, I cant control roon on it as its just a server but when I set up roon from the main PC Jplay initally set up as a cor output zone and then disapeard and now dosent show up as an option any idea why?

Hi, should you wish to … it is possible to also install Roon (as a remote) on that PC.

Can’t help with Jplay as I’ve never used it, sorry.

Hi @Richard_Lee ---- My apologies for the slow response and the trouble here. Are there any scenarios where you’ve had successful playback with JPlay in use? Thanks!


Hi Eric

Yes have JPlay running fine with Jriver on the pc with Jremote.

I did get Roon to work with Jplay but it seems to conflict and is unreliable, plays for a while and then just stops, or rather the music stops mid track, Roon doesn’t seem to notice, but Jplay settings get screwed up and sometimes it looses the connection (fixed IP address) to the Audio PC

It seems to be a conflict with Roon and Jplay as the Roon server on the core running when I am not using Jplay in itself seems to make the Jriver and Jplay less stable so at the moment I have roon server not starting.

Basically when I use roon it seems to causes Jplay to have an issue connecting from the control PC to the audio PC and switch it from ultrastream to Clasic, is that something to do with Kernal streaming. I am using an Arcam D33, so it’s an KS ASIO driver.

Equipment is a Dual PC set up with Jplay, Tidal, running on two Xeon W2012 Server PC’s running AO, they are dedicated for Audio use and I control Roon on the core from my main general purpose PC with a remote desktop connection.

Interestingly I did think Roon sounded a little more musical than Jriver. Richard