AudioAanZee adds Roon support

AudioAanZee is also added the growing number of manufacturers supporting Roon integration. This was mentioned in a press release that was sent out this week.

Evert and Arien of AudioAanZee say that Roon is a great asset for computer audio, because of the massive database of metadata that still continues to grow. There is so much background information available that you “sometimes simply forget to listen to the music.”

Roon is integrated into the devices that none of the original sound quality is lost. The sound is by Roon passed directly from the hard drive to the USB DAC. One hundred percent accurate and without jitter, according to the press release. Using the music servers without Roon is of course also possible, but Roon is preferred for the best user experience. Prices remain the same: 2,999 euros for the Reference Flow, 2,199 euros for the Ultra Flow.