Audiobook bookmark?

After ending a Roon session with listening to an audiobook I want to come to come back to this point of the audiobook when starting a new Roon session. Are there any tools to do it?


Actually no, that I know of. And that’s quite a clear usage case.

I’ve had similar problems returning to long tracks.

yes, exactly. I have a couple of tracks which push 1 hour, (re: Brian Eno “Thursday Afternoon”); and it would be nice to be able to return to where I left off.

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This is a must for a $500 audio player.
Plex gave me the option to remember where I left off.
Audio bookmarking would be a step towards better podcast/audiobook support as well.

+1 to all of the above for adding audiobook support.

+1, but Roon don’t take any notice of +1s, apparently…

Hi @Hans_Joachim_Jauer — Thank you for your feedback. Your insight here is greatly appreciated.

I have moved this post to the Feature Requests section of Community. We can’t commit to adding this feature or provide a timeline for doing so, but a post in Feature Requests allows us to gauge interest for requested features. Our product team and developers keep a close eye on this category, so it’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.


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Hi Dylan,

Thanks for your message! As a new Roon user I am very impressed by its great capabilities and therefore a bit surprised not to find this bookmark feature. I hope there will be more users looking after such a tool.

Regards, Hans

Another vote for bookmarking, and audiobooks in Roon generally.

If you pause playback and resume listening on the same endpoint even days later the last track played and its position is rememveres, even between reboots.

I presume you’re referring to stopping pkayback, playing something else using that endpoint and then at some future time picking up where you left off?

I have a very large selection of Audio Books and Radio Plays. Any improvements in this area is welcome.

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I also listen audiobooks with Roon and I miss this feature. I think iTunes is doing it very well.

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Hi Dylan,

Are there any steps forward to get these Bookmarks?

Regards, Hans

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Yes, I would love this feature, too!

I also would like ROON to implement this essential feature for using audiobooks. I like to move around the house listening but as yet I need to play audiobooks on another device to be able to stop and start so am tied to one set of speakers at a time.

You can shift zones in Roon no problem. I have a lot of audiobooks I enjoy all tagged for quick access.

The point I was making was that one can’t stop an audiobook then do something else like listen to the news on live radio then pick up the audiobook from where you left off. To do this needs an audiobook app which can send to Roon via airplay but grouping zones using airplay on an iPad doesn’t work so when moving from room to room you need to switch zones manually as opposed yo having them grouped. If you could pick up the book from where you left off in Roon then listening to an book using Roon as your reader would no longer be a pain which forces you to use another app.

Roon Ready endpoints pause where you pause them, so you can pick up easily. Just leave it paused in a zone you are not using. I can also tell where I got to via the play count.
Roon was not designed with Audio books in mind, but saying that, It is possible to incorporate easily.

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Yes please to this. Main shortfall is this so please can have at some point pls.

However a more comprehensive solution would be better - i.e./e.g. I would like cacheable option so I can listen on mobile offline (I listen to audio books while exercising) - Plex manages this… I’ll look for this as separate request…

I’m very new to Roon but I find the lack of a bookmark tied to the track you are listening to as, quite frankly, a massive disappointment.

I listen to a considerable amount of BBC Radio 4 plays and all manner of their interesting spoken word material. That is matched by equal amounts of Classical music from BBC Radio 3.

I absolutely must have the ability to pause, quit and then return to any “track”, when I feel like it. My usual ‘short’ track is 15 minutes long, then 30, 45, 60 minutes and up to 3 hours (you get the picture) so why should I have to remember where I was, if I want some variety in what I listen to?

I also need the ability to fast forward and reverse within tracks to get to wherever I want to.

If any [every] bog standard player can do it, why can’t Roon?

I understand the “average” person probably listens to music that’s only a few minutes per track, but it appears I’m not catered for at all.

My view is that I probably won’t be renewing my subscription next year, however good Roon’s playback and indexing infrastructure is. And it really is. Sorry to make myself first post negative, but that’s my take so far. :confounded: