Audiolab M-DAC+ DSD256 issue [Solved]


My M-DAC+ supports DSD64 128 and 256. I managed to set it up to play DSD256 using Jriver for example. Yet in Roon the DSD256 option shows up in red in set up. And if I play a DSD256 track, DSD to PCM conversion happens.

I use Macbook Pro connected by a USB cable to the M-DAC+.

What can be done?

Hi @Alexey_Belorusov ---- Thank you for the report. May I kindly ask you please provide some further details about the MBP you are using (model, specs, etc), as well as screen shots of your audio settings as seen in the examples below.


@Alexey_Belorusov @Eric - Just curious, were you able to get DSD 256 working on the M-DAC+ ? I’m interested in getting this DAC as well to use with Roon, but wanted to confirm Native DSD is working with Roon.


@Eric @Hugo
I solved the issue. It looks like Mac can play dsd256 only if your DAC supports dsd512!!! ie twice.
But PC can play dsd256 with DAC dsd256.
So I am now playing all music from PC using Parallels.

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@Alexey_Belorusov Thanks a lot for the quick reply! :slight_smile: That’s really weird about the Mac only able to play DSD256 if it supports DSD512…not sure why that is.

Hi @Alexey_Belorusov ------ Thank you for the follow up and the feedback :tada: Happy listening!


Hi @Alexey_Belorusov, could you share with me your mac mini configuration on roon with Mdac Plus? My DSD titles are always converted to PCM as high quality instead of DSD playback. Is your Mdac plus connected to the roon core or roon bridge?

i have an open case here…and these are my settings. Can you enlighten me?

I just got my m-dac + and have it connected to a microRendu. The microRendu and the m-dac + booth support DSD256, but I only get DSD128 with DSD256-files. I wonder if Linux also have the mac-problem you describe @Alexey_Belorusov ie: “It looks like Mac can play dsd256 only if your DAC supports dsd512!!! ie twice.”