Audiolab M-DAC mini, no DSD 256

My M-DAC mini supports DSD 256 playback, but i just discover that ROON only accept DSD128 in settings. Im almost sure it accept DSD 256, before the upgrade.
Its connected to an iMac using USB
How to fix that?

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You dont say as much but I assume you are connecting to the DAC using USB? If you are using optical/coaxial then 24/192 is the highest supported rate;

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Yes its connected to an iMac using USB.

Hi @Jesper_Sloth,

What is your DSD Playback Strategy set to in the Device Setup tab? I am not sure if your DAC supports Native DSD playback, but DoP is usually half the rate of Native so maybe that’s what you’re seeing? Not all computers support Native DSD output, the DAC typically needs a driver.

In the majority of cases, you cannot do native DSD256 with a Mac USB output.

A solution is to use Windows with proper drivers.

Thx for the explanation. I must live with that or find a windows or nucleus thing.
Do you know if Linux can play native DSD?

Yes it does. It support up til DSD 256.

Hello @Jesper_Sloth,

We do not have the Audiolab M-DAC mini in the Roon Tested program, so we cannot guarantee that Native DSD playback will work on Linux. I recommend you inquire with the manufacturer if the DAC supports Native DSD playback on Linux.


If your M-DAC mini shares the same VID and PID as M-DAC+: 0x2622 0x0041(which is already present in some Linux kernels) then there’s a chance it may work. No guarantee.

If it has a different value you can ask the maintainer of your Linux distribution to add an entry for you to try it. If you use our Roon Ready streamer product I can make a custom firmware for you to try.

I have now made a request for native DSD playback in ROON.

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