Audiolab MDAC Plus - Wont Lock

Highly unlikely but don’t suppose any MDAC Plus owners ever encountered any issues where the DAC stops locking onto any frequency and displays an odd actual frequency of 19 Bit PCM/1.011m ??

Was working fine (HQ Player/Roon) Sunday morning - but in the afternoon this odd behaviour started.

When playing in any application it intermittently displays the above or unlocked. In MAC OS it all looks fine and the music players (A+, Roon, HQ Player) show the tracks playing but I get no sound at all :frowning:

Tried USB, Optical out and multiple reboots, firmware update and reset to factory settings.

Pretty sure mine is faulty and am shipping it off to hopefully be repaired under warranty, but thought would post here on the off chance!

As it’s going to be a real struggle with no Roon/Music for at least two weeks…