Audiolense convolver/RAATserver cannot find license file (2)

I have the same problem as Johan_Holst reported in a thread with the same name as this thread, which is messages popping up saying that Audiolense convolver does not have a valid license.
I think I’ve found out what happens, at least in my case.
The Roon core (Rock) is running on a noisy Intel NUC somewhere in the house and it has always been working fine.
Recently I started to use Audiolense and I bought a fanless PC to sit in the listening room close to the dac and run the Audiolense convolver and nothing else, except for the occasional measurement.
However, as soon as I launch Roon Bridge on the convolver PC, the No License messages for AL Convolver start to pop up and nothing works. Not the convolver and the convolver PC is not appearing as a Roon endpoint in my other units. De-activate AL convolver and the PC appears as an endpoint again, but then of course, no AL convolver.
My workaround was to de-activate the Roon core on the NUC and run the core on the convolver PC.
What I think happens is that since the AL license is machine specific (the machine number has to be sent to the software provider before the license is issued) it doesn’t work when the Roon core sits on a different machine.
It is of course possible to continue with the Roon core on the convolver PC but not ideal, I think.
I understand that the Roon core work is quite heavy so that I would prefer that it continued on the NUC, not to burden the fanless convolver PC and possibly limit its capacity to do what it’s there for.
My question is if it would be possible to install a license key for the AL convolver directly in the Roon core NUC with Rock and how that can be done, in case.

Hi Borge

This part doesn’t make sense to me.

Just to be clear did you get a new Convolver license for the new fanless hardware ID?

And copy the new license file to 3 places?

Also try the new v1.1 Convolver

Hi dabassgoesboomboom
It’s based on the observation that one thing works and the other not. That’s all I know.
If someone has it working with the convolver license on one machine and Rock on another then that would be valuable information to share, indicating that my assumption is wrong.

Yes, I have a license for the fanless hardware ID. I also tested with the 60 days trial license that comes with v1.1 Convolver, same result.

License file in all places, quadruple checked.

Yes, running the new v1.1 Convolver.

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Hi @Borge_Andersen,

Are you able to generate a Convolution file from Audiolense and add it to Roon’s Convolution Engine via DSP setup?

There is no way to install a license key for Audiolense in ROCK, ROCK runs Roon Operating System and you can’t install any 3rd party apps that don’t come with RoonOS.

I would also reach out to Audiolense support to see if they can provide more info on why you are getting that error, since the error is outside of Roon, it is a question best answered by their support team.

Hi @noris,
Thanks for reply
I have discussed with Audiolense support and we have found one solution to the license problem.
The AL convolver attaches itself to whatever program is calling it, in this case the Raat server.
It will then look, to the license control mechanism, like the convolver is running on another machine, which has no license to run it.
Doing this, the AL convolver will display a message like: “No license, running in silent mode”, which means that it is running but doesn’t want to send out any sound.
The convolver GUI will have a button for getting the Hardware ID (hwid). The button is designed for getting the hwid if it is run in demo mode, so that the hwid ID can be sent to the AL provider in order to buy a license.
If that button is clicked in this configuration then the hwid assigned to the Raat server/AL combination is displayed, and it is different from the one where AL and AL convolver are installed.
Replacing the original convolver license with one based on the new hwid fixes the problem.
Tested, it works.
It has however one drawback, which in fact is the reason why I did not want to use the Roon convolver in the first place.

  • one is stuck with Roon as the source. It will most likely not be possible (not tested but quite sure) to have the convolver process sound from for instance Airplay or hdmi (movie).
    It is of course possible to get Airplay or hdmi sound through and bypass the convolver, but like in my case, where the AL convolver is doing both crossovers and room correction it is not an option.
    Will look more into this, but since, as you say, the problem is outside of Roon this topic can be closed.
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