AudioLinux Roon Core restarts frequently during music files import

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Audio Linux/Kernel: 5.4.25-rt19-1-rt/Roon build 537
Core sever hardware: Xeon E5-2630/32G RAM/500G SSD

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Netgear GS 108E/UBNT unifi AP

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Linn Klimax DS Ethernet connected to core

Description Of Issue

Roon Core restarts frequently during import music files. I have already turn off file audio analysis. Music files located in USB external drive (12T WD Element).

Hello @David_Diao,

  • What kind of music files are you trying to import?
  • Does this issue occur only when a specific format is imported?
  • By Roon Core restarts, do you mean to say that the entire PC reboots or just Roon app restarts?

Hi @noris
All of the music files are .FLAC format.
By Roon Core restarts, I mean just Roon restarts.

Hi @David_Diao,

Can you please note the exact local time + date of the next Roon restart and send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions? The best way to get the logs over would be via a shared Dropbox / Google Drive link, but if you don’t have either method, just let me know and I can provide alternate upload instructions, thanks!

Roon restarted again at 8:50 AM , 2020-05-12. I have uploaded the support package to Dropbox:

Hi @David_Diao,

Thanks for sending those over, but they appear to be from a Windows Roon Remote and not the Core itself.

Is the issue happening on the Core with RoonServer or is this issue happening on the Windows Remote with the Roon app restarting there?

If this is a Core issue, please access your Core logs and send a set of these instead:

Linux Core

  • If you used our “easy installer” scripts, then Roon’s database is located in /var/roon/RoonServer
  • If you ran Roon from the .tar.gz package by executing ./ without configuring the ROON_DATAROOT environment variable, then it will be in $HOME/.RoonServer
  • If you have configured $ROON_DATAROOT manually, then it will be in $ROON_DATAROOT/RoonServer

You should find a Logs folder listed under the RoonServer install location.

Hi @noris,

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong files (windows remote Logs). My issue is happening on the core.
This is the core’s logs :

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @David_Diao,

Thanks for sending the Core logs over, and no worries on sending the Windows ones, I should have clarified a bit further.

It looks like these logs contain some more info. I do see the RoonServer restarts, but it doesn’t look like one specific media file is triggering the restart from what I see.

I am noticing quite a few Name Resolution Failures in your logs, so while this is probably not related, you might want to update your router’s DNS servers to Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.

As for the crash itself, I wonder if this is some kind of network interaction between Roon and another app. Are you by any chance using Plex / Emby on any PCs on the same network?

Hi @noris,
I live in China mainland, I have to use VPN to access Streaming service and other foreign website. I think this is might be the reason why so many Name Resolution Failures. But I have already using google DNS in the router.

As for the crash itself, There is no Plex / Emby on the same Network.

Hi @David_Diao,

There were a few other non-crash related issue reported on kernel 5.XX of Audiolinux, I wonder if this kernel is causing issues on your end here as well. Could you try using an older kernel of this OS?

Hi @noris,

Thank you for the suggestion, I found that Audio Linux has three kernel options, I will try all of these options and report the result later.

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Hi @noris,

I have tried using all of the kernel options in Audio Linux, but the core still restarts during importing files.

Try a different Linux to at least do the import.

Hi @David_Diao,

If you temporarily use only TIDAL/Qobuz for a few days and have your local storage locations disabled, do you still notice RoonServer restarts? I wonder if the issue occurring during import is a red-herring here and if it’ll crash without importing any content as well.

Hi @noris,
I have tried to use only Qobuz, Roon core was very stable. If I enabled the storage folder, the problem happened again, it’ll crash without importing any content as well. I guess this issue maybe OS related, so I try to use windows server and import the same storage. Roon core has run for a week without any problem.

Anyway, I think I will not try Audio Linux again. Thank you for your time.

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Hi @David_Diao,

Sorry to hear we weren’t able to troubleshoot the Audiolinux issue, but on the other hand glad to hear that the Windows server is working out great for you! If you have further issues, just let us know.

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